CS:GO Invisible Player Hack!?


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CS:GO Invisible Player Hack!?

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Just a short clip of me messing about in a public server. I was going for a cheeky ninja defuse but something far more peculiar happened and I somehow went on to win the round!

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CS GO Hack - Click HERE!

20 thoughts on “CS:GO Invisible Player Hack!?”

  1. When I was playing bf4 a week ago I was flanking on locker and I was about to walk through a door when the whole enemy team ran past me and I just stood stock still thinking "oh god please don't see me, they can't see you if you don't move" and they didn't

  2. This seriusly have to been staged, they looked at him so many times. Theres no way you would miss that…. Maybe at silver 1-2 but thats it…

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