CS:GO – sv_cheats 1 Commands


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Various sv_cheats 1 commands and cvars for CS:GO. These “cheats” only works when you have admin rights on server and sv_cheats is set to 1. NO this is not hacks and will not get you banned. It is simple console commmands :)

Full guide:

Commands used in video:
noclip [00:10]
god [00:30]
give weapon_ak47 [01:04]
give wepon_m4a1 [01:20]
givecurrentammo [01:40]
mat_proxy 2 [01:48]
mat_wireframe 1/2/0 [02:23]
r_drawothermodels 2/1 [02:51]
mat_fillrate 1/0 [03:42]
r_drawparticles 0/1 [04:35]
r_showenvcubemap 1/0 off [05:12]
mat_fullbright 2/0 [05:58]
mat_showlowresimage 1/0 [06:30]
thirdperson [07:22]
firstperson [07:47]
cl_pitchup 900/89 [07:55]
cl_pitchdown 900/89 [08:30]
host_timescale [09:17]
host_framerate [10:00]
sv_infinite_ammo 2
Fooling around [10:38]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Talky Talky series where I talky about stuff. This time, its those nasty dirty cheaters! They are ruining the game, what can be done?

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40 thoughts on “CS:GO – sv_cheats 1 Commands”

  1. I love playing bots with 3 binds.
    host_framerate 300
    host_framerate 50
    and host_framerate 100000000
    I've been addicted to it for so long now

  2. I explain a bit of the function of that console commands:
    -mat_proxy 2 = to see which is prop static
    -mat_wireframe 1 = to see which is visible from player, if not then it will not render by the engine.
    -r_drawothermodels 2 = to see prop physic & dynamic
    -mat_fillrate 1 = to see a displacement
    -mat_fullbright 2 = find a light entity

  3. YOU TRAYING TO Say NBK is cheating !!!
    he is one of the best players out there ( right now ) if not the best
    SO stop saying shity stuff

  4. Just Mac-Ban every player that gets convicted. (ban the computer's mac address from playing vac secure servers). This would prevent cheaters from coming back. As of now they can just spend a measly $20 to purchase the game again. Most people will give you the same bullshit statement "But multiple people might play on the same computer!" which 99% of the time, isn't true. Valve would be helping the 99% in this case. Screwing over 1% of the population is better than screwing over 99% of the population.

  5. Hackers and cheaters have ruined GO. In EU servers, don't even bother going on OFFICIAL Volvo TDM servers. There's always at least 3 or 4 cheaters. MM is basically the same, and when you start playing the game you'll realise why they call it "Casual Hell". I actually enjoy Team Deathmatch, cause it's a fun and easy way to get some CSGO time in without having to play for possibly an hour in MM, but when cheaters who don't even try to be subtle (the kind that go 55-7 or 60-10) aren't caught on Valve's OWN SERVERS, it obviously shows something is mightily wrong. Worse still, is watching hackers get rewarded with drops at the end of rounds, it really takes the wind out of your sails. Why work on your mechanics, aim and movement, when someone just buys a $10 hack and ruins the game for you? I basically play againts bots nowadays, better than playing against aimbots/triggerbots/wallhacks et al. Shame.

  6. How about when someone gets caught cheating, the game finds they're ip…
    Whenever said IP is banned for cheating. The price of the game goes $50 higher for said player.

  7. a word from the real world : you spend most of your life sitting your ass in front of a screen, moving your mouse around in circle. on the other hand the cheater comes for a few minutes, have fun kicking your nerd ass and move on with his life, while you cry about it. In this story, the one sounding like a drug addict substance abuser is you my friend.

  8. How about they force you to do a file integrity scan for extra files in your csgo or check for exe files before you can go intro matchmaking

  9. hey dude  I don't cheat in csgo but I don't have money to buy the game cuz I am a student in grade 8 so I crack to play but play fairly

  10. Just open live Overwatch… Whenever SB is reported, let him be overwatched right then. Right now, a hacker can play 60-70h before getting banned. Reward Overwatchers with cases and there will be enough to do it. Imagine a hacker or griefer who is reported and banned before the match is over…

  11. I am sick of people saying "It's just a game man, chill," Although it might be a game, you're still ruining it by cheating. Some people play the game to enjoy themselfes, some people are probably more competitive than other. Cheating is no fun for anyone but the cheaters, people need to realise this

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