STOP CHEATING! – Counter-Strike Global Offensive


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CSGO Matchmaking with Chaboyy cheating, Matimi0 and LevelCap – Had a lot of fun in this game, the salt was real… Enjoy! CHEAP GAMES: Use code FRAGS for a discount

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24 thoughts on “STOP CHEATING! – Counter-Strike Global Offensive”

  1. I know what Cha said, 'I was asking him what he was upto and that and if he was having a good time and that.'
    Only Scotsman can understand other Scotsman.

  2. Fellow Scot here. He said "Eh, nah, a wiz jist askin um whit he wiz uptae 'n'at. If he wiz huvin' a gid time 'n'at" which translates as "No, I was just asking him what he was doing, and so forth. If he was having a good time etc."

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