[Updated] Multihack CSGO HACK AIMBOT, ESP, TRIGGERBOT + MORE [Undetected]


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This is a state of art cheating, we do not modify or write, directly to the game process! In anyway, it’s left untouched.
This is the most customizable cheat available ATM.

This cheat DOES NOT require DEP, UAC, Patchgaurd disabled or Administrator rights.
==========Survey Free Download: https://mega.nz/#!shQRxDYZ!9_r3_Rq1tDBPYyXjYJnfCcyIvdzshQ_5C76JCvlwsuk================
Triggerbot System:
• Weapon Settings = Adjust settings pr. weapon.
• TriggerKey = Only shoots when holding specific key.
• TriggerDelay = Delay before shooting
• TriggerBurst = How long time fire button is hold down
• TriggerPause = Delay after shooting
• EnemyOnly = Only shoot on enemies
• RecoilControl = Helps you suppress recoil automatically.
• AfterShoot = Keep shooting time after person is dead
• AutoDelay = Auto adjusts selected delay to mouse movement speed

Speedhack System:
• Speed Settings = Adjust speed.
• CustomKey = Only speeds when holding specific key.
• SpeedBurst = How long time speed button is hold down

Wallhack System:
• Custom color = Adjust player surrounding color.
• CustomKey = Only speeds when holding specific key.
• HpDisplay = Shows HP over enemies

Aimbot System:
•CustomKey = Turn on with specific key.
•CusromAimLocation = Aims at specific spot on player (head, body etc.)

• Enable/Disable = Turn on or off
• Dynamic Sound = Adjusts the rapidity to the enemy distance.
• Distance = Maximum range, before enabling
• Frequency = Select a desired beep frequency you like

• Over 40 different features.

• Auto-Update
• Silent Load (LAN)
• Multi-Threaded
• Global Custom Panic Key
• Full 64bit Utilizing

Undetected on:
• Match Making AC
• UNGL Libra
• CEVO Paladin
• Shifters Anti-Cheat
• ESEA Client (Only Sound-ESP)
• ESL Wire
• FGCL Apofig
• SGL Anti-Cheat
• altPUG Client

• All Windows versions/editions, 32bit and 64bit.
* Requires .NET Framework 2.0
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CS GO Hack - Click HERE!

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  1. pls can you help me? i'm trying to open the only file that i've dowloaded "simplex v8" but for some reason my pc don't open it. can you help me with that?

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